1961 Martin D-18 Dreadnought

We are happy to take requests from customers to locate vintage instruments, and the increasing demand for vintage Martin flat top acoustic guitars has become impossible to ignore. As just one example, Tom, a local picker and past customer, reached out for help locating the right vintage Martin dreadnought. We have many instruments not yet listed in inventory and going through the luthier repair process. We located a clean and original 1961 Martin D-18 with original hardshell case for Tom and had all the luthier work done before putting it in his hands. It was love at first strum. Read more

1949 Gibson Kalamazoo KG-1 Guitar

Gibson used the “Kalamazoo” brand name as their budget line, producing massive amounts of Kalamazoo-branded acoustic guitars and mandolins in the pre-World War II era. Perhaps the most classic Kalamazoo model of this period is the KG-14, a flat top acoustic that appears in one of the known photographs of blues artist Robert Johnson. Read more

Fiesta Red Fender Jaguar Headstock

The Fender guitars of the 1960’s truly reflect their time and place. The optional custom color finishes capture the optimism and brightness of Southern California. For an extra 5%, you could personalize your Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster or Jaguar with the color of your choice. American car culture contributed heavily to Fender’s decision to promote custom color options in 1960. Read more

Our main luthier just completed setups, repairs and neck resets on a batch of vintage guitars that we will be listing soon. Here is a sneak preview before they hit the website: Read more

Vintage Leica Camera

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