Rare Find: Kalamazoo KG-1 Acoustic Guitar

1949 Gibson Kalamazoo KG-1 Guitar

Gibson used the “Kalamazoo” brand name as their budget line, producing massive amounts of Kalamazoo-branded acoustic guitars and mandolins in the pre-World War II era. Perhaps the most classic Kalamazoo model of this period is the KG-14, a flat top acoustic that appears in one of the known photographs of blues artist Robert Johnson.

After World War II, Gibson revived the Kalamazoo brand for a very small run of flat top acoustic guitars. The KG-1 model was produced in 1949 with approximately 70 made in two batches. The guitar itself is an all mahogany, ladder braced acoustic. The body size and shape are identical to the LG series.

Factory Order Number 1178-15 has just been added to our inventory, this guitar is an extremely clean and all original 1949 Kalamazoo KG-1. Follow this link for more info on the 1949 Kalamazoo KG-1.

1949 Kalamazoo KG-1 Acousitc

Vintage 1949 Kalamazoo KG-1 Acousitc Guitar

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