Company Profile

Original Vintage Guitars, LLC is a family owned business located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Our company embodies a lifelong passion for music, artistry and history. We deal exclusively in vintage guitars and related musical instruments, many sourced from the original owner or their family.

Preserving The Past

Our inventory consists entirely of professional-grade vintage guitars selected for musical and historical significance. We prioritize originality, rarity, condition and musical quality. All instruments must pass our detailed inspection and authentication process. We employ a trusted group of top-level luthiers and technicians to maximize tonal quality and playability while still preserving originality. The necessary repair, maintenance and setup work is already completed so you can enjoy your guitar or amp immediately.

We Sell Americana

Our customers include professional musicians, recording studios, professional athletes, guitar collectors, authors and serious players. We have sold and shipped guitars all over the world, to Australia, Italy, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland and many other countries.

Living History

Decades after they were built, vintage guitars attract intense interest. Why play vintage? The answer is simple: inspiration. An old guitar is a time machine filled with emotion and connection to the past. The stories and history will fuel your creativity and musical expression. By owning and playing a vintage instrument, you preserve its musical legacy and our shared musical heritage.

1939 Martin D-18 Dreadnought Acoustic

Radio singer plays a 1930’s Martin D-18 live

Originality ★ Quality ★ Rarity