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Do you want to sell your old guitar or amplifier? Did you just inherit a vintage instrument? Do you know someone who owns a vintage guitar? Call now to turn that guitar into cash. Deal with serious professionals who can put a real offer on the table immediately.

Original Vintage Guitars buys guitars, amplifiers, mandolins and ukuleles every single day from people just like you. We get phone calls and emails from folks who recently inherited a vintage guitar, found something special at a yard sale, or have a neighbor with an old guitar. We will buy your guitar or pay you a finder’s fee if you help us buy one.

It doesn’t matter where you live, we buy from people all over the USA and the world. We have developed a secure buying process for full protection. Our company covers all costs and insurance. We can travel to you or make a deal remotely and take care of all the arrangements. Call or text us today at 561-866-6464 or email sales@originalvintageguitars.com to get started.

  • Top prices paid for guitars and amplifiers
  • Have cash, will travel
  • Experienced, professional service
  • Secure buying process
  • We cover all costs & insurance
  • You get a finder’s fee
  • Call or text 561-866-6464 to get started
1966 Fender Jazzmasters and Daphne Blue Mustang

We purchased these three 1966 Fender electric guitars from a family

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Tell us what you want to sell using the form below which includes the option to upload photos of the instrument. You can also email photos to sales@originalvintageguitars.com or text your photos to 561-866-6464.

    Still Have Questions?

    What types of vintage instruments do you buy?

    • Electric guitars
    • Acoustic guitars
    • Resonator guitars & Hawaiian guitars
    • Guitar amplifiers
    • Guitar effects
    • Mandolins & Banjos
    • Ukuleles

    What brands do you buy?

    • Fender guitars & amplifiers
    • Gibson guitars, amplifiers. mandolins & ukuleles
    • Martin guitars & ukuleles
    • National resonator guitars, Hawaiian guitars & ukuleles
    • Washburn guitars & ukuleles
    • Weissenborn guitars & ukuleles
    • Gretsch guitars
    • Marshall amplifiers
    • Supro amplifiers & guitars

    How old should the guitar be?

    The golden era of vintage guitars runs from about 1920 to 1965. Most instruments we buy were made before 1969, although we do sometimes buy guitars from the 1970’s era. We will help determine the age of your guitar.

    I don’t know anything about my guitar, can you help?

    Yes, we will quickly identify the make, model and year of your guitar to authenticate it and establish the value.

    How much is my guitar worth?

    It could be worth thousands of dollars. Contact us so we can see what you have and make a serious offer.

    Should I clean or repair my guitar before I contact you?

    No. Please do not attempt to repair or clean a vintage instrument. You can easily damage the value and beauty. Common cleaning products, even those designed for guitars, are not safe for vintage guitars. We happily buy dirty guitars without strings that need repair. Our trained luthiers can fix almost anything.

    I don’t live near Florida, can you still buy my guitar?

    Yes, absolutely. We have bought guitars from all over the world using our special secure process. Original Vintage Guitars will make your selling experience quick, safe and convenient.